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The answer is yes with some caveats! There are two main issues with answering this question of, "can I actually shingle my own roof?". Anytime DIY consumers take on a project, safety and knowledge are the two main factors. Having the right tools is assumed, having the right material is assumed and having help is assumed. If you have all of these things, then yes a DIY weekend project of shingling your own roof is doable. But then again these are pretty big if's for most consumers. Let's review each of these areas leaving the two main topics to the end. The assumptions behind shingling your own roof are:Own or purchase the tools you needOrder all of the materials you needGetting help from family or friends willing to go on the roofProtecting your roof if rain is imminentHaving the knowledge to properly shingle a roofFollowing proper safety rules while on the roof Most consumers would rather leave a job like this to the experts who have the knowledge and the experience of repairing and replacing roofs. Why take the chance of having a serious accident which will impact your life and that of your family? Call us today for information and a quotation for your roof replacement. Own or purchase the tools you need - Most do it yourself consumers will have most of the tools that are needed to do their own roof job. The shingles can be delivered and left on the roof if you have them delivered by the right store, otherwise they must be carried up to the roof, which is a very hard job to do on a ladder. There are specialized tools that can be used to lift shingles up to the roof as well. Scraping the existing shingles off the roof and depositing them into a dumpster or the bed of a truck can also be arranged. Order all of the materials you need - most building supply stores will assist consumers to purchase the necessary supplies. It is a good idea to purchase a little extra to avoid running short when the job is almost done. Extra supplies can be returned and a credit given from most hardware supply stores. Getting help from family or friends willing to go on the roof - It may be a little tougher to get help from friends or family for this job. Not only is it hard work, not everyone wants to be on a roof. If anyone is afraid of heights or the least bit unsteady, don't even think about having them go up a ladder let alone on the roof. Protecting your roof if rain is imminent - A small roof can be stripped and re-shingled in a day with two people working on it. Larger roofs may take longer and provisions should be made to protect the roof in the event of rain. Having the knowledge to properly shingle a roof - Now we are getting into the serious part of the job. If done right your roof will last from 15 to 30 years depending on the quality of the shingles that are purchased for the job. Installed incorrectly could mean that your roof begins to have leakage problems or deterioration within a couple of years. This would be a serious loss of money not to mention frustration. Before you attempt the job make sure that all of the steps are understood and that all of the material is onsite. This is critical. Following proper safety rules while on the roof - The most important part of the job is following all of the appropriate safety rules. At the most inopportune moment, a gust of wind can throw you off balance, you stumble on something on the roof or you lose your balance. Using a safety harness that is properly anchored is critical to your safety and anyone that is on the roof with you. Working near the lower edge of the roof can be best done using a scaffold, however if this is not available or the height is too high, then a well anchored safety harness is the next best thing. Steep roofs also present a problem for even experienced roofers. A slight slip can take you tumbling down the roof causing a very serious accident. Always make sure your harness and ropes are in place and well anchored. Test them on a regular basis. We have covered this topic from a very general perspective. Before you attempt to shingle your own roof, we strongly urge you to learn how and what to do regarding roofing and in particular understand the safety steps to take to protect yourself and your helpers while on the roof. A misstep can cause a very serious accident, one which could affect you for the rest of your life. Consider calling the professionals for an evaluation of your roof and a quotation to shingle your roof. The job will be done correctly, safely and everything will be cleaned up before they leave. Most roofs will take one or two days with a team of roofers depending on the size compared to several weekends when you do it yourself. Call today for a assessment and a quote! Related content:Residential Shingle Roofers in Calgary AreaWe Do Shingle Roofing as Well As Flat RoofingShingle Roofing in CalgaryBetter Related Posts Plugin

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